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Audit of annual, interim and consolidated financial statements prepared under the Lithuanian Business Accounting Standards and/or International Financial Reporting Standards

While providing our audit service in accordance with the legal requirements and financial reporting standards we have a purpose to form a view on whether the information presented in the financial report reflects the financial position of the organisation, financial results of its activities and cash flows, etc.

Apart from the audit report we also present to the attention of the company‘s management:

Our findings and recommendations with respect to the risks identified, which potentially could cause significant mistakes in the preparation of financial statements and calculation of tax liabilities;
Our recommendations with respect to the minimization of the risks identified;
Recommendations to improve the quality of financial accounting as well as on administrative and internal control aspects.

Operational and management audit

The purpose of the audit services we offer is the identification of the possibilities to improve the company’s operational performance. During the audit the activities of the company are analysed in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Consultancy on accounting processes and preparation of financial statements

We offer instant and comprehensive assistance in the daily accounting processes and preparation of financial statements, including:
Consultancy on accounting;
Consultancy on the preparation of accounting policy, its implementation and improvement;
Consultancy on the application of IFRS and Lithuanian business standards;
Consultancy on consolidation;
Consultancy on specific or complicated transactions and operations.

Preparation or adjustment of financial statements following the requirements of the IFRS

In the course of the audit services provided the auditor follows the requirements of the International Standards applicable to the specific assignment. Therefore, the financial statements prepared/adjusted by the auditor give a high level of reliability to your reports as long as they are prepared in line with the professional competency and responsibility.

Audit of the projects financed by the EU structural funds

We Provide an opinion whether the expenses declared in the application for the financing from the European Union structural funds are in line with the requirements. Also, we assist the project developers to fulfil the requirements undertaken and help to avoid the risks related to non-recoverable expenses by providing consulting on the related matters;

Audit of financial reports, financial elements, accounts or records

In some cases the companies need the auditor‘s opinion not for the financial statements as a whole, but only for its separate parts, e.g., profit (loss) statement, accounts payable, the amounts of expenses, etc. In that respect we offer limited scope audit services which would help you to receive an objective and competent opinion concerning your financial information.

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