Declaration of PIT

We are faced with various situations when natural persons receive various types of income not only from Lithuania but also from other countries of the world. In such cases, natural persons have a number of questions about how their global income should be taxed correctly, so that not only tax obligations are correctly implemented, but also that excessive taxes are not unnecessarily paid in Lithuania or in the country of the source of income.

Examples include situations where considerable effort is required to calculate the outcome of an investment in securities, where a natural person actively invests both directly (investments in equities, government bonds, and international funds of various countries, as well investments into options for risk management) and indirectly – use the services of international financial brokers for investment.

We are proud that the PIT declaration obligations entrusted to us by extremely rich persons have allowed us to gain many years of experience in declaring not only ordinary income but also, for example, income from real estate sales abroad, realized option income, income from investing in various securities and investment fund units. The volume of transactions and the result (profit) are often so large that when filling in the annual personal income tax return, the program itself generates an automatic message: “check that you have entered the amount of income/expenditure correctly”.

Other experience