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Transaction Tax

The structure of the specific transaction will be planned appropriately in order to mitigate the tax risks or even benefit from the deal. We advise on the tax consequences of individual transactions and assist in generating and evaluating alternatives in order to identify the most efficient deal structures from the tax perspective.

Our Transaction Tax services include:

Vendor/buyer tax due diligence;
Structuring of an acquisition or disposition;
Post-deal integration;
Tax modelling;
Restructuring/exit planning.
We also assist in other transaction related matters including the review of sale purchase agreement, support and assistance with sales price negotiations, evaluation of financing strategy.

International tax

Our services in international tax area help companies addressing their cross-border needs, effectively managing their global tax rate and achieving their business goals in an efficient manner. We can advise on all aspects of international taxation including tax efficient group structure, the holding company location, tax efficient financing vehicles and solutions for profit repatriation which would lead to increased tax efficiency from the group perspective.
We also assist in other international tax related matters including double taxation situations, controlled foreign companies tax planning, operations through permanent establishment.

Tax Compliance

Outsourcing the tax function can help finance departments free up time to focus on key processes and key functions, compensate the lack of highly qualified resources, increase the efficiency of tax function and effectively manage the tax risks. Therefore, we help our clients to manage their compliance obligations effectively, timely and accurately.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning services help the clients improve or free-up cash flow, create tax refund and reduce effective tax rates in the future years. In the course of our work we evaluate different opportunities related to the expense deduction, application of tax incentives, shifting of income, debt restructuring or implementation of alternative financing instruments, generating and transferring of tax losses, effective taxation of capital gains and capital repatriations.

Assistance in Tax Disputes

We can help you effectively handle your tax dispute reducing your costs and saving your time without the necessity to distract your staff from key business responsibilities. We provide the technical skills of financial and tax specialists to help you develop solutions to your particular tax dispute throughout the tax dispute process, either in informal discussions or in litigation, mediation, or arbitration. We assist the client to achieve a full compliance with the tax obligations with effectively managed tax cost and time.

Indirect Tax

Our advice in the indirect tax field can help your company with increasing the business value through efficient VAT planning including but not limited to reduced effective tax burden, maximized VAT recovery, improved cash-flows, better control over indirect tax, minimized risk exposure to additional tax.

As part of our services we perform assessment of the company‘s position from indirect tax point of view in an effort to identify the risk areas and give advice for minimizing them. We also aim to identify the opportunities for cash flow improvements and potential tax savings.

We also support businesses subject to tax investigations or tax audits conducted by the Tax Authorities, perform general reviews or give advice on VAT returns.

Transfer pricing

We help our clients to review, document and defend transfer pricing policies aligning them with the business strategy. We work with the companies to help achieving business potential, addressing the tax risks and responding to the tax authorities’ challenges. We can also advise on how to structure your local and cross-border activities and how to develop and implement the optimal arrangements of activities that are both tax efficient and economically substantiated.

Tax legislation establishes a formal obligation for the companies to prepare a transfer pricing documentation and provide it to the tax authorities upon their request. We assist companies in the preparation of documentation pursuant to legislative acts and international guidelines, preparation or review of inter-company agreements and compilation of other supporting documents.

Ongoing Tax Consulting

We provide companies with a comprehensive support for solving a broad range of day-to-day domestic and foreign tax issues. Short processes, a fast response and personal contact with your personnel are important elements of our service. We are ready to share our valuable experience with you through all the challenges of tax planning, tax accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Tax Reviews

Tax Reviews are performed in an effort to ensure the compliance with the requirements of the tax laws. Reviews help to determine hidden tax risks and to identify the possibilities for minimizing them, allowing the company to reduce effective tax burden without a greater risk. If mistakes are noticed during the tax review, we provide recommendations how to correct them in the past periods and how to avoid them in the future.

Tax saving opportunities are also identified during the review. In the course of our work we review major transactions performed by the company in order to ascertain whether they are structured and accounted for in the most efficient way. We provide suggestions on the necessary adjustments in order to realize the opportunities identified.

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