About us

Our corporate leadership is based on practical philosophy which delivers to the point advice with no redundant schemes. We are well acquainted what is good and bad professional advice, therefore, based on that background we strive to solve problems by thinking and acting like our customers than like a conventional consultancy.

With our lean corporate structure, we can offer cost-effective pricing for BIG4 level services. Experienced consultants with years of BIG4 and tax administration experience and no juniors trained on your account allows us to charge considerably less than BIG4 consulting firms.

We aim to help you to focus on what is most important for your business. Leave taxes, audit and financial issues to us and we will make sure that none of this will make you fall.

We will use our extensive experience to ensure full compliance with your needs and shifting regulatory requirements, while you can be sure all questions will be solved effectively, reliably and professionally.


We operate under high standards in order to provide the best services to our clients 

Trust based on competence

We demonstrate our value with consistent daily work and extensive expertise. Integrity and accountability are our central values and we demand from ourselves excellence in professionalism, ethicacy and transparency. We encourage our every expert to strive for constant growth and experience sharing with every client.

Full commitment

Every single case is treated with a full commitment and dedication. We focus on our client’s growing needs and take a journey together hand in hand. This makes us sure that we know the best approach to our unique client’s needs.

Fast solutions

We respect our clients’ time and acknowledge dynamic environment, therefore, we focus on delivering our solutions fast.

Proactive attitude

We seek to eliminate problems before even such problems have a chance to appear and not simply react to the problems that have already occured. The way out could be found from even most complicated situations. 

Attention to the client

For us every client is unique and important. We are well aware of the needs, challenges and opportunities of every client. We foster harmonious communication based on individual attention, honesty and mutual respect. We do not stop at one-fits-all solutions – we augment every client with our experience and assist in achieving the most optimal results.


Our team is comprised of experts with extensive professional experience at BIG4 and office of tax administration who will provide high-quality service in the fields of taxes, audit and finance.

Justinas Basalykas

Justinas Basalykas

Managing Partner

Asta Masilionė (former Rakauskienė)

Asta Masilionė (former Rakauskienė)

Tax Partner

Mindaugas Dailyda

Mindaugas Dailyda




Tax dispute regarding personal income tax

We have developed an action strategy for one of the shareholders of a well-known group of companies in Lithuania in order to avoid an additional tax burden after the abolition of the personal income tax (PIT) incentive on the sale of the company’s shares to a natural...

Tax dispute during constructions

The practice of tax disputes shows that the most common issues raised (disputed) by the STI are the right to deduct VAT, the validity of allowed deductions, and the satisfaction of the private needs of owners/managers. TaxLink successfully represented the company's...

Flattening of the group structure

The trend of recent years, when, in order to optimize taxes, the aim is not to create a structure of a group of companies that crosses the borders of Lithuania, but to “return” companies “held” abroad (holdings, SPVs) and other investments to Lithuania. This trend has...

Financial and Tax Due Diligence

Before acquiring a specific company or part of its business, both Lithuanian and foreign investors often seek to find out what financial, tax, and legal risks may exist due to the company's "history". TaxLink has extensive experience in reviewing companies engaged in...

Declaration of PIT

We are faced with various situations when natural persons receive various types of income not only from Lithuania but also from other countries of the world. In such cases, natural persons have a number of questions about how their global income should be taxed...

Permanent Establishment

In one of the largest greenfield plant construction projects in Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), we represented EU companies that were hired as contractors for certain works. In the complex construction process, we advised contractors (EU companies) on VAT and...

Remote work

When a Lithuanian living and working in the USA started working at one of the Lithuanian universities, the person turned to TaxLink for help in order to find out how the salary received from the Lithuanian employer should be taxed correctly in order to avoid double...

VAT and PIT obligations of a natural person related to individual activities

The natural person has been engaged in rural tourism activities for almost 10 years and has used the certain real and movable property for the acquisition of which EU support has been received. The natural person was a VAT payer, therefore, the provided tourism...

VAT of foreign companies and CIT (permanent establishment) implications in Lithuania

We often face situations when we are asked to advise our clients whether a foreign company providing certain services or goods to the Lithuanian customer, for example, providing services and goods linked to the installation of manufacturing line/equipment, is required...

Group restructuring

A natural person develops real estate projects and carries out each of the projects through a separate company (SPV). There are over 10 companies with such projects and respective SPVs. The client applied for assistance during the STI control actions when the STI...